Tax Certification and Tax Review

Andersen Tax in Turkey provides services related to the review and compliance examination of financial statements and declarations.

Tax certification services significantly reduce possible criticism that may be claimed by the Turkish Ministry of Finance. In this respect, our tax review and tax certification services help you to feel secure about compliance with tax law.

We provide services both with sworn-in certified public accountants who worked as tax investigators in the public sector and with tax consultants and tax auditors who worked in the private sector for many years. Helping you to comply with tax laws against a possible tax inspection is not our sole aim. We think that tax is a cost element as a requirement of commercial activity and we also would like to help our clients in determining the most appropriate tax application for the industries they operate in.

The purpose of the Corporate Tax Declaration Certification is to investigate, determine and provide the accuracy of annual tax that should be paid. In this respect, we can summarize the scope of tax certification services that will be performed under three categories: review, tax calculations and reporting.

Our certification services, provided within scope of Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Special Consumption Tax (“SCT”), aim to obtain complete, fast and legally compliant VAT and SCT refunds which derive from the exemption clauses in relevant tax laws.

Our services within this scope cover the following:
a) Tax Certification
b) VAT Refund Certification
c) SCT Refund Certification
d) Reports on Capital Payment, Capital Increase and Equity Determination
e) Transfer Pricing Applications and Reporting
f) Tax Risk Determination, Analysis and Reporting